Happy Monday

Goood evening 🙂
Yesterday was a very busy day. We had visitors from france and also a very kind family from Switzerland. I had an amazing day with them. But what would you guys do, when your cousins don’t speak the mother language ? My cousins speaks french, but no tamil and neither english or german. But thank god they understand tamil, so we decided to watch a tamil movie. It was not so tiring and we had our fun. It was late when my relatives went back home. I was so tired, but I think that’s such a banal thing. That’s why I went directly to my bed ^^
Today, I met my schoolmate for learning together. We were so productive and I’m so glad because of yesterday. Yesterday, I’ve made nothing for my exams, which are in two weeks. I hope so badly to have success..
Here are some pictures from yesterday.
Hope you had an awesome week start  !

xoxo, your photoberries ❤


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