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Au revoir, belle paris

Hello everybody,
I’m happy to tell you finally, that I’m done with my exams. Now, I have to wait for the results. Like my title reveals, I was in Paris this weekend and came back today from this awesome short trip. I was there when I was a child, so this time, I saw everything and was fascinated. Actually, we did a small car tour, to do some sight seeing. The real reason, why I was there, was the wedding from my relatives. I had a lot of fun there and met some new people. I realized, that I could shut down my thought and have fun without any worries. I already miss that feeling and want to go back.
Today, I wrote a To-Do list and the first point is to fulfill my childhood dream and to buy me finally a mini lop bunny..  😀

I hope you all had an awesome weekend, too 🙂

xoxo, Alina ❤


hha photoberries1 photoberries2

Be thankful !

Hellloo 😀

For 4 weeks, I’m at home in my silly room and have to study for my exams.

I really appreciate now the feeling to be free and to have freetime. I miss it so much. So I decided to write about it in my blog. We all have so much to worry about and we judge so often, criticize a lot and compare us with the better one (from the view of us) etc.. and that’s normal. But we always forget what we really have in our life..

photoberries I try to thank god every morning to have such a wonderful life, but most of the time, I catch myself by asking for more..

All I want to say is, be happy for what you have and always be thankful !

PS: I’m wearing a tamil dress 😀

xoxo photoberries ❤


Today is the 2nd birthday of my blog. Photoberries turns 2 years now..I’m so happy that I’ve decided to create photoberries 2 years ago.

I thank all my followers..I continued posting just because of you guys. I want to share this photo with you because it was my first post on this blog.


Have an awesome day! mwaaah ❤



Happy Monday

Goood evening 🙂
Yesterday was a very busy day. We had visitors from france and also a very kind family from Switzerland. I had an amazing day with them. But what would you guys do, when your cousins don’t speak the mother language ? My cousins speaks french, but no tamil and neither english or german. But thank god they understand tamil, so we decided to watch a tamil movie. It was not so tiring and we had our fun. It was late when my relatives went back home. I was so tired, but I think that’s such a banal thing. That’s why I went directly to my bed ^^
Today, I met my schoolmate for learning together. We were so productive and I’m so glad because of yesterday. Yesterday, I’ve made nothing for my exams, which are in two weeks. I hope so badly to have success..
Here are some pictures from yesterday.
Hope you had an awesome week start  !

xoxo, your photoberries ❤


I love rain =D

Hey my dear berries,
It’s evening and it’s raining. And I just love it. Not just the smell of rain is great, also the force from the mother nature, the raindrops and the atmosphere. I could watch it for hours. It’s the perfect weather for doing nothing; just being at home and drink some tea (I prefer chai tea), reread the fav. novel or watch a movie..
Tomorrow I won’t be as lazy as today – my relatives are coming for a visit. I’m looking forward to it, because I haven’t seen them for a long time (half year or so..)

Here are 2 pics from me. The first one is from 2010 (I had short hair omg)
And the other one is from 2013 and also my fav. pic; I made it myself without any help. (The background, my make up, the light setting, the shot itself and the editing) 🙂

Have a nice evening, mwaah ❤




ohw, hi !

hello my lovely berries around the world. I want to thank all my followers, you are amazing!
I decided to make this new page, because I wanted to share also some personal stuffs with you guys! My name is Alina and I live in Switzerland. I’m 20 years old and my photoberries-photoblog is almost 2 years old. 😀 So, it’s time for something new.
Here, I’ll show you some photos from my private life or write about topics, which are bothering me. I hope, you’ll enjoy also this part of my blog and don’t hesitate to contact me!

mwaah photoberries ❤



August 1

Hello my dear blogger
August 1 –  Switzerland is celebrating her birthday 😀 I’m glad to watch the fireworks, because I love it so much. Looking forward for the 9th august to go to Geneva, there’s the really amazing firework ever!  😀

have an equally nice day!