Au revoir, belle paris

Hello everybody,
I’m happy to tell you finally, that I’m done with my exams. Now, I have to wait for the results. Like my title reveals, I was in Paris this weekend and came back today from this awesome short trip. I was there when I was a child, so this time, I saw everything and was fascinated. Actually, we did a small car tour, to do some sight seeing. The real reason, why I was there, was the wedding from my relatives. I had a lot of fun there and met some new people. I realized, that I could shut down my thought and have fun without any worries. I already miss that feeling and want to go back.
Today, I wrote a To-Do list and the first point is to fulfill my childhood dream and to buy me finally a mini lop bunny..  :D

I hope you all had an awesome weekend, too :)

xoxo, Alina <3


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Be thankful !

Hellloo :D

For 4 weeks, I’m at home in my silly room and have to study for my exams.

I really appreciate now the feeling to be free and to have freetime. I miss it so much. So I decided to write about it in my blog. We all have so much to worry about and we judge so often, criticize a lot and compare us with the better one (from the view of us) etc.. and that’s normal. But we always forget what we really have in our life..

photoberries I try to thank god every morning to have such a wonderful life, but most of the time, I catch myself by asking for more..

All I want to say is, be happy for what you have and always be thankful !

PS: I’m wearing a tamil dress :D

xoxo photoberries <3